Assistance with Life-stage, transition

Transitioning into a new phase of life can be a bit overwhelming, but with Oline Disability Care, you get all the assistance you need to plan and prepare for a smooth transition. There is no denying the fact that change is inevitable, what matters is the way we respond to change.

Our experienced support workers have closely witnessed a range of situations to develop an understanding of transitions an individual goes through. Hence, rest assured that you will receive the assistance you need to transition into a new stage of your life.

Under this support service, we help you in a range of situations including but not limited to:

  • Buying a new house, or choosing an appropriate accommodation
  • Starting school, or a new job
  • Preparing for a new skill, or a job role
  • Taking your first step towards starting a new business
  • Building capacity to accept change and transitioning to new stages smoothly
  • Taking right decisions at every stage of life
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