Module 2A implementing BSP

Through this service, we ensure that all the plans that are specially tailored to ensure the overall well-being of the NDIS participants are implemented properly without any roadblocks. We understand how the proper fulfillment of every support service availed by an NDIS participant is necessary to ensure the smooth running of their life without any compromises to their safety.

Under this service, the support workers will work towards:

  • Ensuring the proper implementation of behaviour support plans
  • Focus on the elimination of restrictive practices.
  • Assist in seeking the help of behaviour support specialists to help create a proper plan and then work towards their systematic implementation.
  • Ensure that at every point, all the needs of the NDIS participants are met and they don’t have to make compromises of any kind.
  • Take proper measures to safeguard their quality of life while ensuring that not just their physical but also emotional needs are being taken care of.
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